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To operate, this new generation diffuser requires no energy input, such as batteries, electricity, heat, USB stick, etc., without requiring any maintenance or cleaning compared to other diffusers on the market.  It diffuses efficiently to the ambient air.  Since there is no mechanical system, the risks of operational failure are zero.

Huiles végétales

Always use


OILS for all

your diffusers!

The concept is based on one matter:

  • organic absorbent, non-toxic, from a 100% natural vegetation, absent from pesticides,

  • hydrophobic which repels water, therefore absent from any form of bacteria or mold that may be caused by the presence of moisture,

  • having the property of encapsulating the oils.

Instructions for use
Load the diffuser on first use:

When the lid is removed, pour about 8 to 10 ml of essential oil evenly on top (a little more than half of 15 ml bottle), starting at the perimeter and continue in a spiral motion towards the center.  Then, the diffusion will be done in a slow and continuous way.

Later uses
After a certain period of use, add a few drops of essential oil on top of the surface to reactivate the intensity, depending on the desired level.

For example, if used 2 to 4 hours a day, the estimated spread is more or less 2 months.  This may vary depending on the kind of oils used and the intensity desired by the user.

When not in use, it is important to replace the lid, to maintain its ability to defuse the following times, this way it is always ready for the next use.

The diffuser is designed specifically to accommodate your favorite essential oil or a blend of essential oils, which will always remain dominant after the loading of the essential oil for the first use.  It is recommended to continue using the same kind of oils in the future.  However, there are oils that have similar functions and odors that blend well together, so the user can always add to their diffuser the essential oils that suit them.  Also, you can have more than one diffuser depending on your specific needs (ex: lavender for relaxation vs eucalyptus for colds and flu).

This diffuser is simple to use.  Open and place it NEAR YOU in the personal environment of your choice to enjoy the benefits of the essential oils it diffuses. In a closed in space without a draft (ex: a room), it will diffuse throughout the space.

In addition to being maintenance free and diffusing in the ambient air, it is compact and light, with no liquid flow of oils.  

It is easily transported from one room to another, from one place to another, at home, at the office, at the cottage, in a purse, while traveling, in a hospital room, in an RV, And much more... and even on the edge of a bathtub without danger. For example, if you use cedar oil in the diffuser and place it in a closet, you can transform your regular closet into a cedar closet (to repel insects and mites).  Also, the cedar oil diffuser, placed in an enclosed area, can have the same function for the storage of trailers, tent-trailers and other RVs and even for the winterization of cottages.

Other Features
The bamboo which the can is partly made up of is a 100% natural and 100% ecological resource with the fastest growth in the world.  It does not need to be replanted, it is naturally renewed.  As essential oils are very fragile to light, the interior of the container is made of aluminum to protect them from UV rays that alter their effectiveness.  Furthermore, aluminum is much lighter than glass and does not present risks of breaking.  This bamboo diffuser will be your friend for several years.


P.S: Here is a text-testimony from a friend who was hospitalized (has now unfortunately passed away from cancer) who had put the diffuser containing eucalyptus oil on his bedside table in his hospital room:

"Hello Luc, your tablet is a fury at the hospital, where can we get one, the nurses ask me."

The comments he had were that it smelled good in the room, like at a Spa.  For him, the odor gave him great peace.

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